Sexy DesktopGirls Wallpaper?


Do you want a Sexy Desktopgirls Wallpaper?

Of course you do!

The old desktop can get a bit boring now and then. We've all tried different ways of spicing it up, sexy wallpapers, fun screensavers and assorted wacky desktop themes. 

But none of these match the thrill of having a sexy girl on your desktop to keep you entertained as you're waiting for that email/mp3/photo to download or website to load up. 

Download DesktopGirls Free Now!!

desktopgirlNEW! NEW! NEW!!!

Check out the very latest realistic 3d sexy desk mate cartoon girls - [now with "adult mode"]

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  What type of desktopgirls are you looking for?

That is why I've set up this site. To show you the best desktop girls program available on the net! 


Virtuagirl - Desktop Strippers!


The Virtuagirl desktop stripper program is one of the all time  most downloaded programs on the Net, it has been downloaded over 100 million times! Now that is the sign of a good program!  

A selection of new animations for a real girl (18+) stripping for your desktop are released every few days. Below are a few stills taken from one of Alexa's strips. Alexa is just one of the many Virtuagirl desktop stripping girls. 

Virtuagirl also includes access to a members site with extra videos and photos of the featured girls. Virtuagirl is my personal favorite desktop girl program.


New Updated site for Virtuagirl2

Visit the new virtual girls site to see more details of the new VirtuaGirl2 program, including samples of the sexy desktop girls strips, their hot photos, samples of their videos and examples of the virtual girls VirtuaGirl2 Members Site.


Click Here to visit Virtual Girls



2002 Totem Entertainment - All rights reserved - VirtuaGirl is a Registered Trademark


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Virtuagirl2 is superb!

The original Virtuagirl program had over 1 billion downloads, I think the new version will prove to be even bigger, it's just awesome!!!


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Oska DeskMates - Johlee 3D, Tahni, Kahli & Maeka - animated cartoon girls


1997-2002 Oska Educational Systems Pty Limited. All rights reserved world wide


Oska "desk mates" (Johlee, Tahni, Kahli & Maeka) are animated interactive cartoon girls who lives on your Windows desktop.

Their sole purpose is to keep you amused, to be your sexy cartoon desk mate, to be there when you get bored or feel down, to be at your every beck and call, to be ready to dance, play or pout at your command, etc.

The latest, Johlee, is the first desk mate to be rendered in 3D and has mature content and a new adult mode!

The free cartoon girl desk mate download contains 4 general animation sequences and a few of Kahli's touch reaction sequences. The fully registered cartoon girl desk mates, which are only $24.95, have in excess of 15,000 individual hand drawn cels (or animated for Johlee). This equates to literally hundreds  of individual animated sequences which includes a total of 36 touch and secret touch reaction sequences for the cartoon girls.

Click Here to visit Cartoon-Girls to see more details




Download Johlee 3D (free trial)


Download Cartoon Girls Kahli & Tahni (free trial inc. New Tahni 3D)


Download Maeka (free trial)


StripKitten - Digital Strippers


Strip Kitten is another animated strippers program, but with digital sexy 3D girls.

They strip for you in a virtual nightclub. The program allows you to choose a mp3 file or play list for these desktop girls to dance and strip to. Their is a wide selection of girls for all tastes!


Click Here to visit the StripKitten site


Stripsaver - The full screen stripping screensaver

    StripSaver is the best full screen stripping screen saver I have found on the net. 

It's from TotemCash, the makers of Virtuagirl and it is the same superb quality with many sexy ladies to choose from. Again you get access to their members site with all sorts of extra bonuses, making it excellent value for money.

There is also a free trial version available.


Click Here to download the free trial of the stripping screen saver


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